About 529Investing

This blog will track the performance of my daughter’s 529 fund. I have setup a Vanguard portfolio with index funds, using a 70% Stocks / 30% Bonds split. I will re-balance at regular intervals (as opposed to buy and hold). Check back regularly or subscribe for updates to see how my investment strategy does when benchmarked against an actively manged fund and against the popular age-based portfolios. I believe over the next 18 years, this “moderate” portfolio of index funds can out-perform an actively manged fund and the popular age-based fund, without two much extra work.

Way too often, you see charts and graphs comparing certain funds or portfolios to certain benchmarks. If seems like the benchmarks (S&P 500, DOW, NASDAQ, etc.) always differ for yearly gains and you just never know how these comparisons are being made.  Also, we all read the investment articles that talk about pass performance. When you have historivaly data, it is easy to put together asset allocations that perform great!

This blog will test all of the theories. The same metric will be used for all comparisons. Wish me luck!


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